Ausfuel, your total fuels provider.

From metropolitan Darwin to regional towns and hard to reach locations across our territory, we aim to keep businesses moving, and in doing so we help to grow the prosperity of the communities we operate in.

Ausfuel management has years of experience, working closely with businesses across Australia, particularly in regional communities. With a clear commitment to the customer and understanding their operations Ausfuel aims to meet their fuel needs.

To achieve this we apply our knowledge, infrastructure, resources, and skills to ensure that fuel and lubricants get to where they are needed most.

How we Work

For many businesses managing its fuel needs are often not front of mind. We also know that fuel scheduling can be complicated. The logistical challenges of managing and scheduling supply can be greatly underestimated, and the cost of getting it wrong a significant commercial risk.

At Ausfuel, we make the management of our customer’s fuel our priority, our approach is to first seek to understand the complexities of a business and then we use our experience and expertise to assist businesses in accurately planning their fuel supply requirements to maximise operational performance.

Whether we have been supplying fuel to a business for just a few months, or for many decades, our willingness to listen never stops. Our approach has always been the same, we invest our time to understand our customer’s needs.

Vast delivery network.

Ausfuel delivers businesses with extensive options to meet its needs and that of its people. Our network provides customer access and attractive pricing to refuelling and convenience sites across metro and regional Australia.