Helping you on your way

Ausfuel's management team has decades of experience in the fuel supply industry and they understand the importance of providing tailored products and services that meet the needs of their customers. We are committed to working closely with our customers, understanding their operations and providing tailored fuel solutions to help them succeed. Our commitment to customer service extends across the billion litres of fuel annually transported to customers across NT, SA, VIC, WA and NSW. This commitment includes being part of the local community and understanding the industries we supply, whether it's mining, transport or construction. We are passionate about helping businesses in the Northern Territory and beyond to thrive.

Fuel Cards

Whether it's having the ability to manage your fuel and lube use by vehicle and location, keep record of odometer data, fuel costs in one easy to read statement and convenient refuelling at over 70 fuel sites, fuel management is made simple with our Fuel Card.

Helping Business Thrive

Ausfuel helping business to thrive, working closely to support customers across the Northern Territory and beyond. We aim to understand your operations and support you to meet your fuel needs.

Road Logistics Capabilities

As the pre-eminent fuel supplier in many parts of metropolitan and regional Australia, Ausfuel services a wide breadth of the commercial market and has invested millions of dollars in infrastructure to improve the reliability of fuel supply to its customers. Today this allows us to operate effectively in the Nothern Territory.

With our own extensive fleet of tankers, we get the product direct from the refinery straight to your site, minimising lead times and handling times.